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We can aid in resolving all computer problems from setting up for the first time, to relocating, or  purchasing, upgrading or just seeking professional advice.


System Installation
After purchasing a new computer, proper setup and testing is essential. We can provide complete setup from out of a box when connecting your new computer to your existing network.


Infrastructure Improvement
A diagram of computers connected to a file server is simple enough, but what type of infrastructure will allow your network to expand easily as your needs grow? We can provide your organization with a variety of infrastructure solutions, allowing you to choose the appropriate technology for your current needs and also accommodate anticipated growth.



File Server Configuration
Adding file servers to run applications, provide connectivity, host Internet services, and operate your network can be a sensitive and critical process. The expertise and experience we provide will ensure you that you are able to add services to your network without disruption.



We can trouble shoot
 individual small networks on-site, whether it's a hardware or software problem. We also offer extended evening and weekend hours to minimize disruption.


System Repair
On-site repair is available for most major brands of computers workstations, We also repair many out of warranty computers, we are tailored specifically for small business.


System Upgrades
System upgrades, such as memory, CPUs, Hard drives, DVD burners, Lan Cards, or printers can be installed on-site.

Network Design
We can help you to design, or re-design, your network.  Our staff can help you every step of the way to configure workstations on the network. 

Contract System Maintenance
Maintenance contracts are available, tailored to your specific needs, guaranteeing repair issues are resolved efficiently for a Small yearly or monthly Fee. A contract also insures a fixed budget expense for repairs and minimal down-time.


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You can significantly decrease your chance of virus infection by installing a good Antivirus program such as McAfee or Norton Antivirus.

There is always a need for fast, reliable and affordable computer service PC Recondition provides that quality services. We have a long list of satisfied customers and our goal is to always provide the best service to our customers. .

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